Milk and Cookies

We watched the movie Milk with Dr.Pip. The movie was very interesting and thought provoking. It is about Harvey Milk the first openly gay elected official in America about how he got elected, what he did while in office, and how he died.



Women’s Weekend

On the same weekend as paint and punch was women’s weekend. Four different speakers showed up to discus different issues that women face today. In the picture is Dr. Pip a English professor here on campus that also teaches gender studies classes. He talked about gender and what it means to be a woman for about an hour. All of the talks were very interesting as well as the games played later that night. Everyone is welcome to attend next years Women’s Weekend.


Faculty of the Month


Hey everyone! Check out the faculty of the month board I put up. September’s featured faculty member is Engineering Physics professor Liz Holden! Find out all about her on this board. Liz Holden will be coming to Wilgus Hall on Thursday, September 22nd at 5 pm in the basement lounge, so be sure to stop by then to meet her! She will be presenting information on her study abroad trip she does every summer and then answering any questions about that, class, or herself that you may have. There will also be pizza!