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Hey everyone,

I’m also putting up a board that has different ways to say, “See you later!” since we are all leaving Wilgus for the summer. Check it out!


Stop The Hate

Thanks to the resident who came to the Stop the Hate session on Wednesday! We differentiated between a hate crime and a bias incident (a hate crime has a law being broken as an act of bias whereas a bias incident does not necessarily have a law being broken). We learned about the pyramid of hate. At the bottom are acts of bias, which include stereotyping, rumors, accepting negative information, and non-inclusive language. Next up is prejudice and bigotry, which includes scapegoating, name calling, social avoidance, and de-humanization. Up next is discrimination, which includes social exclusion, employment/housing/educational discrimination, and harassment. Above that is violence, which includes murder, assault, terrorism, and arson. At the top of the pyramid is genocide, which is the deliberate, systematic extermination of an entire people. It may seem dramatic at first to put genocide on the same pyramid as acts of bias, but all genocides start with acts of bias that turn into something larger. This is why it is important to target acts of bias and stop those before they turn into anything worse. We compared it to a pyramid of stacked cups – if you want to knock down the entire pyramid, you need to aim for the bottom, which is the same as we need to do in this situation. Some resources are the bias incident reporting at UW-Platteville’s website,, and Pioneer link… you can take the pledge to respect there.

Spring Blood Drive


Hi, ladies! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take part in the UW-Platteville spring blood drive, hosted by RHA and Delta Sig. It is a great volunteer opportunity, and a great way to learn about the Donate for Me campaign, which is trying to fight the ban against homosexual men donating blood. As one man put it:

“As a gay man, I do not fit the stereotype of the promiscuous guy obsessed with sex. As a gay man, I am faced with a decision every day of my life to do what feels naturally in my relationship or still keep myself eligible to donate blood.  Even though in 2003, the Supreme Court of the United States eliminated the sodomy laws in Lawrance v. Texas, the policy set out by the U.S. F.D.A. still criminalizes an act of love between two consenting adults because of the old fear that gay men are infected with HIV/AIDS.  I do not want to have to continue to choose between being able to donate blood over love.”

Next time you donate blood, hashtag #Donate4Me, sign this petition, or visit this website to find more ways to help the cause!