Pawesome things to do in Wilgus



On Monday we will be having a wing dinner! Meet in the second floor lounge at 5 pm! Hope to see you there 🙂


If you’re interested in learning about gender/sexuality and decorating some cookies, come to the LCCR tomorrow at 5 pm!


Hey everyone, a few reminders on the fun things to do!

Tomorrow at 7 is the Wilgus/McGreggor Luau, located between Wilgus and McGreggor halls!

On Thursday the 22nd at 5pm, Faculty of the Month Liz Holden will be in the basement to talk about her study abroad trip. There will be free pizza.

On Friday the 23rd, at 8 pm in the basement we will be having a movie night. Bring an appropriate movie down and we will vote on which one to watch.


Make sure to get to know your roommate this week, because on Tuesday the 13th at 7 pm we’ll be having a “Newlyroomed” contest in the 2nd floor lounge. This game will determine how well you know your roommate, and is based off the show, “Newlywed.” Winning pair of roommates each get a face mask, hand lotion, and chocolate! Don’t worry if you only just met your roommate and others have already roomed with their roommates before, because we’ll be asking tricky questions and you have a while to catch up!

If you want to participate but your roommate cannot, feel free to pair up with someone else in a similar situation on the wing. Hope to see you all there!


On Thursday, September 22nd at 5 pm, Engineering Physics Professor Liz Holden will be in the Wilgus basement lounge to talk about her study abroad trip that she does every year and answer any questions you may have about anything. There will also be free pizza!