Bystander Intervention Board

This board has information on what a engaged bystander is and how you can become one yourself. There are examples of different situations that might come up in your everyday life and then gives you pointers on how to handle the situation and make the world a better place. There is a lot of important information so have a look at the board or the website listed to learn more.



Career Fair Board

This small board has some information about the career fair including when it is, what you should wear, and how to research companies. If you have any questions feel free to ask your RA or you can contact the Career and Professional Development office in Ulsvik Hall.


Write About Yourself Board

This board gives everyone on the floor to write a little bit about themselves, so we can see how diverse the floor is and what people enjoy. The board asks four questions, How was your break?, What is your favorite movie?, What are you looking forward to this semester?, and what is your favorite band?. Feel free to add to the board at anytime just remember to keep it appropriate.