Monti Washington – Motivational Speaker

Monti Washington is a motivational speaker who came to campus this Sunday. His main message is that we are not his story. He told us his personal experience about how he grew up in poverty and was surrounded by gangs and people living with addictions, but he refused to conform to his environment. He basically emphasized that we are not our story and that through hard work we can change our outcome of life. He also said that since a lot of people like to tell us we cannot do things, we have to be the ones who tell us that we can, so he had us come up with reasons that we’re great. He reminded us that the people we hang out with may also have an influence on us… we tend to be the average of the top 5 people we hang out with the most, so we need to keep the good people in our life close and while still loving the people who we may not want to influence us, we should try to keep a little distance between ourselves and them. It was a really positive experience.


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