United We Stand – Stan Pearson

Hello, 2 East!

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a United We Stand presentation given by Stan Pearson, a motivational speaker/comedian. A wonderful speaker, Stan shared his philosophy of life with the audience. He believes that people do the things that they do for one of two reasons, because of the way that the feel about themselves or because of the way that they think others think about them. Bearing this in mind, Stan shared his “SALSA” method of success for life, followed by actual salsa dancing!

  • Supporting: get the support from those around you that equals your dreams.
  • Acting: in order to be great, we need to be taking great actions every single day.
  • Learning: make time each day to grow and learn something new.
  • Striving: push past the basics of your life; “time does not slow down when you decide to be lazy.”
  • Accepting: accepting that bad things sometimes happen and putting these bad things in the right place that will allow you to move on.

This presentation, overall, reminded us to believe in ourselves and work each day toward your dreams! Check out Stan’s website for more details on his philosophy.

Here’s another link to a great article that I found titled “Five Real Life Tips for Success” that has some great advice!


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