United We Stand: Curt Patrouille

Tonight, the Wilgus Hall staff attended the United We Stand presentation in Velzy Commons. Curt Patrouille, a UW-Platteville alumnus, shared with the audience a story of resilience through stories about his life and hardships. Curt has been a member of the United States military for over twenty-seven years, lost his mother at the young age of twenty, and was badly burned during his first weeks of college.

Curt discussed resiliency and how everyone can be more resilient by incorporating small changes into their lifestyle. He recommends that you first find what tool works best for you. He mentioned three specific strategies:

  • “Hunt the Good Stuff”: instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of life, focus on all of the positive things that happen to you.
  • Practicing “Active Constructive Responding”: when communicating with the people in your life in order to provide yourself with a support system that will ultimately help you in times of hardship. Check out this article on how to do effectively practice this!
  • “3x Over 3 Weeks”: three times a day for three weeks, physically write down a positive thing that has happened to you. Most importantly, take time to reflect on this list of positives. This is likely to improve your mood and resiliency!

Here are some other ways to build resiliency!

Be sure to attend the next United We Stand presentation, happening next Sunday, February 28.


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