Blood Drive

This afternoon I had the opportunity of donating blood at RHA/Delta Sig’s annual Blood Drive! While there, I learned about an awesome campaign that I would love to share with you, #Donate4Me. The mission of this campaign is to “Raise awareness of the discriminatory ban enacted by the FDA that prohibits people who identify as gay, bisexual, questioning, and/or transgender from donating blood for 1-year.” The ban is based on orientation and identification of the individual rather than promiscuity, therefore making it discriminatory. To help fight this ban, you can:

  • Donate in the place of someone who identifies as such by taking a picture and tagging it ‪#‎Donate4Me‬ and explain why you are donating in the place of someone who cannot.\
  • Try to find petitions revolved around the ban (like this one).
  • Promote Donate4Me and the National Gay Blood Drive to your friends or through social media.
  • Contact your legislatures to revisit the ban.

For more information on LGBTQ issues, visit #Donate4Me’s Facebook page or the Doyle Center for Gender and Sexuality!


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