Study Abroad Presentation

Last week was Pre-Professional Days in the Education Department, which is a series of presentations that provide future teachers with resources to become better professionals. I went to a couple different sessions, and I thought I’d share some information I learned at the education abroad session I attended because I believe it is a great professional and academic development opportunity for all majors!

There are different types of experiences you can take part in through the university:

  • Education Abroad Programs – can last for a summer, a semester, winterim, or year. This type of program provides a great deal of student support from knowledgeable on-site staff, exciting excursions and cocurricular activities you can participate in.
  • Exchange Programs – study abroad at a semester or year and pay the same tuition you would pay at UWP. This is a more independent option.
  • Short-Term/Faculty-Led Programs – allow students to take a course taught abroad by one or more UWP faculty member. Great for filling elective or general education requirements!

I posted links to each type that provide a list of different options available. If none of these programs interests you, there are over 400 affiliate programs offered by UWP through this search feature. Check it out!

The presentation also covered some common concerns students have when considering traveling abroad.

  • Financial aid – often, financial aid still applies to credit-producing experiences. Tons of scholarships are also available through the Education Abroad Office!
  • Academics – studying abroad does not have to mean adding semesters to your education; you can often fulfill major requirements by planning ahead with your academic advisor.
  • Language barrier – classes will be taught in English in many programs. This is a fantastic way to learn a new language, however!

The most important thing I learned from this presentation is that if you want to go abroad, talk to the Education Abroad Office and they can often provide lots of help to make it happen! Whether through help with scholarship applications, Visas, academics, co-curricular, etc. they are there as a resource for students! Regardless of major, there are awesome programs that can provide cultural experience and add a lot to resumes. For example, education majors can complete student teaching abroad, engineering majors can study renewable energy, agriculture majors can study food marketing and agriculture, etc. Be sure to check out these great opportunities!


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