Students Fight Back

  Last night, I attended a program sponsored by CPR called Students Fight Back with a few residents and the Wilgus Hall staff. It was an awesome presentation about violence prevention through trusting your intuition and finding ways to fight back. Throughout the presentation, we were given information about ways to avoid attacks as well as leave situations safely. I learned a lot from this presentation and wanted to share these tips with you ladies because they’re important for your personal safety:

  • Choose awareness!
    • Pay attention to your own body language – confidence can prevent attacks
    • Make eye contact with strangers when you walk past them
    • Keep your head up and avoid texting/listening to music while walking
    • Identifying predators isn’t always simple; sometimes they can be people you know, young, or attractive
  • Trust your intuition, those feelings are present for a reason. As the presenter reminded us, “human beings are the only animals that that ignore their intuition.” This can be instrumental in preventing attacks; if a situation feels wrong, leave.
  • Remember that “no” is a complete sentence. If you tell someone no, they should respect that. 
  • If someone attacks you, ask yourself how it fits the “Self Defense Formula”:
    • “Where is he/she vulnerable” + “Where am I strong?” + your own force!

This presentation reminded me how important it is to be aware of your surroundings and that it is acceptable to stand up for yourself and leave situations that make you uncomfortable for any reason. Check out the Girls Fight Back website for more information. The website also has an option to receive a free Sassy Self-Defense Guide sent to your email.


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